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PV Demo - All Parts

Holy is the I AM demo.mp3
Measure 14-17.mp3

Melody Only

Full Song Melody Only.mp3
Measure 14-17Melody.mp3

Harmony Part 1

Full Song Harmony Part 1.mp3
Measure 14-17P!.mp3

Harmony Part 2

Full song Haramony Part 2.mp3

Full Song - Mixed Parts

Full Song Melody and Harmony 1.mp3
Full Song Melody and Harmony 2.mp3


Melody - Barry, Janet, Lisa, Henry, Amianna

Harmony 1 - Jaime, Becca

Harmony 2 - Patti, Maureen

Once you have learned your own part, practice yours with the mixed parts. Enjoy!

Measure 14-17 P2.mp3
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