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Rise up Tracks for Easter 2021 Kids Dancing and Singing


Hello!! Here is all you do 1) set up a phone camera to video you dancing and singing, then 2) turn on the music and dance and sing, then 3) send me the video....

...easy right! If you need help, contact Sabrina at

Full Song for dancing
Rise up. Rhthm Section. no lead vocal +BArtist Name
00:00 / 04:07
If you want to look at the Sheet Music for
Rise Up Background vocals
How to Send your videos: 1) Go to this link
2) Click on the blue “Add files” button.
3) Select your Photo Library and find the video, select and click the “Add” button.
4) You’ll be back on the dropbox website, and make sure to click the blue “Upload” button to finish sending it.
5) Wait for it to finish uploading before closing that browser window.
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